About Me

For me, photography is an escape from the everyday world. I find it relaxes me and renews my spirit. I took it up as a hobby in '92 after surviving a skirmish with cancer. The cancer served as a wake up call - that there was more to life than the 6am to 9pm world of earning a living. I've gotten more into it the past 4 years, and now that I'm semi-retired, I'm spending more and more time photographing what nature has to offer.

I especially enjoy capturing "intimate landscapes", as you will see. But I also enjoy macro, photo impressionism and have just recently discovered panoramas.

In my work life, I work with computer systems every day, so I avoided "going digital" until Thanksgiving '07. Learning digital, for this "old dog", is challenging, often frustrating, but mostly fun!

I love being able to capture, what for me is, the essence of a subject. There's a song by Sara Evans about when she was child, and a stately old oak tree in her yard was struck down by lightning. Her father, being a wise man, saw he could make something beautiful out of the shattered trunk, and carved a rocking horse from the heart of the tree. Sara's words, "And when I look, I can see, the rocking horse inside the tree." inspire me to try to see what may not be obvious at first glance. I hope that comes across in the images on my site.